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A4TC 2021 | Architecture Thesis Competition

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___Winner's Interview___

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MEKEMTA Jodel Bismarc | Sensory Architecture winner

MEKEMTA Jodel Bismarc is originally from Cameroon and studying architecture at EAMAU (Ecole Africaine des Métiers de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme) in Togo. He is currently working on his master thesis project.

Zeynep ÇOLAK | Art
and  Architecture winner


Zeynep ÇOLAK is a 3rd year architecture student at TED University.  Besides the architecture, she is getting educated to become a sculpture artist. Her goal is to become an inspiring artist in plastic arts.

Darsan B. & team | History of Architecture winner.

Darsan B, an architect, dreamer and a storyteller who loves to take on challenges and reform perspectives on some days, but sit by the mountain and quote words of Howard Roark on others. 



Archiol's 2021 Render Challenge Winner's Announced!

Animal Shelter
Animal Shelter

Jiaman Xu, Ruiheng Zeng & Xiaoxin Wang

Ice Towers
Ice Towers

Antonella Marzi, Chiara Marzi & Marta Dituri

The Forest House
The Forest House


The post-epidemic era
The post-epidemic era

Niu Yifan

Architecture driven by our minds
Architecture driven by our minds


 Llife on Mars
Llife on Mars

Tim Chen

Reality is merely an illusion
Reality is merely an illusion

Aditya Bhole

Echoes of Nirvana
Echoes of Nirvana

Chang Wu

What is a vertical city
What is a vertical city

Xinyu Li

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We collaborate with leading architects, designers and academicians of international repute to participate as jury in our competitions.

Competition Participant's review

Ar. Aditya Bhole

Please try doing such competitions twice a year.

Shreyash Gupta

It was a great experience to participate in the competition and I look forward to more exciting topics in the future.

Chang Wu

I think your team is really kind.

Gate Architects

For us, everything went well.

Tanvi Daga

It was a fun competition to take part in as it restricted us and pushed us towards making our ideas more clear

Cannone Davide, Impagnatiello Ilaria

The competition was organized in the best way, all explained clearly and in detail. The organizers were very helpful in responding promptly to any emails or requests, for this we thank Archiol and Artuminate for the excellent work done.


Archiol | Artuminate is doing a great job with these competitions, giving designers this platform to showcase their talent. Keep up the good work.

Jiaman Xu, Ruiheng Zeng & Xiaoxin Wang

It is our great honor to win the first prize of Archiol's Render Challenge 2021, It is the first time for us to win this kind of competition. We are very happy and excited! I really appreciate the organizer's recognition and appreciation of our drawings. Although we are all ordinary students, we really did it! The arrival of this award gives us a great surprise, and also makes us more confident that we can go further in the field of architecture in the future!

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