Mümün Keser

Architect | Computational Designer | Storyteller | Visualiser


Mümün Keser is an architecture graduate based in Innsbruck, Austria, who is also interested in speculative art and computational design.

He received his master's degree from the University of Innsbruck and is currently under contract as a research assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Experimental Architecture and Building Construction under Prof. Marjan Colletti and Prof. Karolin Schmidbaur. In addition, he works as a freelance designer, educator and artist.

His interests lie in data-driven design techniques and experimental investigations. In his works he places himself in the bridge between real and virtual and tries to intertwine these two opposing areas. His most recent works are mainly concerned with bringing media into architectural expression and creating fully immersive and adaptive hyperspaces based on the user.

During his studies and career he had the opportunity to work in many different projects and learn different softwares. He also held workshops in various fields such as architectural design, computational design, storytelling and visualization.


Jury Panel 

Archiol | Artuminate Competitions