ORGANISERS: ARCHIOL (www.archiol.com) & ARTUMINATE (www.artuminate.com)

The most significant architecture space that we experience throughout lives is our home, what will be the idea of home in the year 2121? With technological advancement in architecture, our idea of home has changed for the past 100 years and continues to do so even today. Home 2121, architecture competition organized by archiol invites all designers to explore ideas of residential architecture for the future.

Considering the impacts of global population shifts, advanced materials and building techniques, as well as marketplaces like Airbnb and the rise of co-housing, tiny homes.



Propose a single family home. Define how residents interact with the proposed design in graphical representation.

Submission requirements:

  • Presentation Board of the proposed design - size: 30cmx30cm (minimum 2 boards, maximum 5 boards) – no. the presentation board.
  • Text summary (min: 200 words, max: 500 words)